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The Krtek Children’s Oncology Endowment Fund is organising a public collection to benefit oncology patients treated at the Children’s Oncology Clinic of the University Hospital Brno.

The funds raised are to be used in support of patients in several ways:

  • Improving the quality of life of pediatric oncological disease patients during and after treatment.
  • Home Care, i.e. home palliative care for children with oncological diseases.
  • Family and life with the oncological disease patient, i.e. reducing the negative impact during treatment on family life, family relationships and relationships with the external environment (school, classmates; relatives, friends, the public).

The public collection has a separate account 86-1660380277/0100; the use of funds is regularly submitted to the Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region for approval and also appears in the annual report. Permission for public collection


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