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The Department of Pediatric Oncology at the University Hospital Brno treats children from all over Moravia and parts of Bohemia.

The lodging house, located opposite the children’s hospital (Černopolní 22a), has become an indispensable facility for oncology patients and their families. It allows children to stay outside the hospital environment during treatment and at the same time takes into account the financial situation of families and their entitlement to accommodation as accompaniment for hospitalized children. Accommodation costs are covered by Krtek COEF.

We are currently able to accommodate up to 20 people, and the capacity of the lodging house is usually full most of the year.

Please make room reservations with Katka Nazarej ([email protected], 728 802 656).

The lodging house has been available since 2004 and to date (until the end of 2019), Krtek COEF has paid CZK 9 million for it.

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