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About the project


Project Registration Number: CZ.11/MGS/069

Project Duration: 15/ 04/ 2015 – 30/ 04/ 2017

Principal Investigator: KRTEK Children’s Oncology Endowment Fund

Project partner: Palacký University in Olomouc, Faculty of Physical Culture

Project guarantor for FTK UP Mgr. Tomáš Vyhlídal, email: [email protected]

The main goal of the project is to create an exercise programme focused on physical activities for children with an oncological disease. These activities are to improve the quality of life of children with oncological diseases and they will focus on the social area (team movement games, games to develop cooperation…), the psychological area (psychomotor activities, adventure games, movement activities to strengthen self-confidence…), the health area (movement activities aimed at increasing speed, strength, endurance…). As part of this activity, a booklet will be produced (a text that will be published in an electronic version and will contain a description of the programme and recommendations for practice). This material will be distributed to pediatric oncology and hematology clinics in the Czech Republic and sent to foundations and endowments that address this issue.

Another of the project’s objectives:

Creation of a “mentoring” programme – within the framework of the project, a programme will be created and applied to young patients undergoing treatment. Currently, many of the cured pediatric patients have a desire to pass on their treatment-related experience to new patients. Our goal is to create and apply a programme focused on the sharing of treatment-related experience, information and support, and motivation for action among helping professions and volunteers. The main inspiration in creating this programme has been foreign experience (Norway, etc.).

Implementation of exercise programmes for children with oncological diseases – this activity will include an exercise programme aimed at children with oncological diseases. Here, the resulting exercise programme will be applied, verified and modified. There will be a 13-day summer stay (12 nights) and two 6-day winter stays (5 nights). Through this activity,110 children with oncological diseases will be supported.

Implementation of exercise programmes for families with children with oncological diseases. This activity will support families of children with oncological diseases. There will be 4 stays for whole families (each stay – 3 nights). Through this activity, 280 participants will be supported.

Exploratory trip to Norway the aim of this activity is to realize a 12-day (11-night) stay in Norway, focused on elements of experiential pedagogy and Wilderness therapy (living with nature and learning self-sufficiency and responsibility). The stay is aimed at children with oncological diseases aged 15-18 years, their siblings and surviving siblings. They will learn about Norwegian nature as well as the traditions and culture of the project donor.  Thirty-five participants will be supported.

Practical training for students. Students will attend exercise programmes for families with children with oncological diseases, where they will participate in the preparation and organization of the exercise programme. Gaining experience with this target group will increase their professional competences and make them more competitive on the labour market. Twenty-five students will be supported in this activity.

Training. Within this activity, 5 training sessions will be held, which will focus on the issue of applied physical activities that can be used for children with special educational needs. Exercise activities are an integral part of the prevention and mitigation of the secondary effects of treatment. Eighty-five participants will be trained in this activity.

Participation in conferences. There will be presentations of the project results, which will support the publicity of the project and also the sustainability of the project. This activity will involve the presentation of 8 papers on this issue at conferences in the Czech Republic.

Implementation of the conference. A conference will be held during the project to share the experience gained during the project. The conference will be attended by organisations working with this target group (medical staff, foundations, endowment funds, leisure organisations…). Approximately 50 participants will be supported through this activity.

Project identification

  • Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Norwegian Funds
  • ACTIVITY: II. Childcare – Secondary prevention of the consequences of diseases and health problems in childhood
  • Sub-project name: KRTEK IN MOTION
  • Project Registration Number: CZ.11/MGS/069
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