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Following treatment completion, Krtek COEF tries to facilitate the children’s return to normal life by organizing rehabilitation and resocialization events in which they can participate together with their siblings, friends and parents. Each year, Krtek organizes a summer and winter camp; in spring and autumn, it organizes family weekends, trips abroad for Krtek teenagers and other one-day or multi-day events, whether cultural or sporting. 

The camp is often the first time that our Krtek kids spend after oncological disease treatment without their parents, only in a group of their peers. In addition to camp games, Krtek offers children an appropriate amount of sports activities, art activities, walks, board games and relaxation.
Relaxation weekends in the Czech Republic and trips to explore European countries are designed especially for Krtek teenagers, the so-called KRTEENS.

Relaxation stays for families with children undergoing active treatment and those who have just completed it provide parents with the opportunity to share their fears and hopes related to oncological disease treatment, allowing them to support each other and establish closer relationships. For children, such a group provides security and understanding from peers with similar experiences.

All of these stays are designed so that children whose physical disabilities have complicated their lives as a result of oncological disease treatment can participate.

Krtek organizes camps for 170 children and weekend stays for 50 families every year. To date (until the end of 2019), the total cost for this area so far has been CZK 45 million.

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